Daimler Trucks & Buses podcast: Transportation Matters!

The new podcast “Transportation Matters” by Daimler Trucks & Buses presents exciting topics about the future of trucks. With guests from all over the world questions will be solved such as: How do you teach a truck to drive autonomously? Why is the transport of people and goods so essential for our prosperity? What does training a basketball team have to do with the business world?

Why a podcast from Daimler Trucks & Buses?

Our business is very diverse and the range of topics correspondingly large. Some of these are quick to convey. Some need more space to be discussed with the requisite depth. For a deeper dive a podcast is, in our view, the optimal format. It can offer a lot of information and background – and for me personally yet another reason to listen to podcasts.

What is this all about?

Without trucks there would be no drugs or strawberries to buy. Trucks – and, of course, buses, without which people can only move to a limited extent – are the backbone of our economy and society. That’s why we chose “Transportation Matters” as the title of our podcast – because trucks and buses play a very central role in our economy and society. Even if we are often unaware of it.

The importance of trucks and buses inspires us at Daimler Trucks, and with our new podcast we want to inspire many others. In each episode we’ll invite a special guest, with whom I’ll discuss current trends and topics around transport – not with the goal of grabbing quick headlines, but to provide illuminating insights and background.

I’ll discuss the consequences of climate change with former German Vice Chancellor Joschka Fischer, former German Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor. Today, Mr. Fischer is managing partner of the strategy consultancy Joschka Fischer and Company, which he founded in 2009. And with Terry Stotts, the head coach of the NBA basketball team Portland Trail Blazers, it will revolve around the similarities between sports and business.

Martin Daum, Daimler-Board of trucks and buses, talks to Michael Fleming (l.), CEO of TORC Robotics

First episode on automated driving available

Our podcast starts with a discussion with Michael Fleming, a pioneer in automated driving. Fifteen years ago he founded the U.S. company Torc Robotics, which specialized in automating vehicles right from the start. From within Daimler Trucks’ Autonomous Technology Group, Torc Robotics will drive the development of production-ready, highly automated trucks.

Automated trucks are a great opportunity to make transportation safer and more efficient – and they offer decisive advantages for our customers, the economy and society. But one thing is clear: taking them on the road is one of the great technological challenges of our time.

Michael Fleming and I discussed this – and he also told me what worried him most about testing on public roads – namely, the curiosity of other road users. But it’s best to listen to for yourself. Enjoy “Transportation Matters!”

The new “Transportation Matters” podcast from Daimler Trucks & Buses is now available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Youtube as well as on www.daimler.com.

Martin Daum is a member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Daimler Trucks & Buses. To him commercial vehicles are the backbone of the economy, prosperity and society and have inspired him both professionally and personally for over 30 years.