Formula 1 UK 2019: After the hot battle

Austria’s Grand Prix turned out to be a hot one: hot temperatures and plenty of action on the track were in store for Formula 1 fans. Yet for our team it was the weakest result of the season to date. External factors were mainly to blame as they caused a wealth of problems for our cars. At least it promises to be somewhat cooler at the upcoming race in Silverstone.

Bright and cloudy, perhaps with the odd drop of rain, and temperatures reaching just over 20 degrees – typical British summer weather is anticipated this weekend. That will suit our car. After all, the race weekend in Austria demonstrated our vehicle’s greatest weakness: the ability to cool our systems.

Overheating problems at Formula 1 in Spielberg

We have been working to resolve the issue for a while now, but high temperatures in combination with the high altitude in Spielberg led to the drivers having to take their foot off the gas too soon, and we also had to reduce engine power.

In our video blog #PurePitWall, following the Austrian Grand Prix our Trackside Engineering Director Andrew Shovlin highlights in detail the main issues – including why we had to miss out on giving Lewis a new front wing during the race and why the team struggled with overheating problems. Check it out!

Home race for the silver arrows: Formula 1 in UK

This weekend represents the first of our two home races. The race track at Silverstone is only a couple of minutes away from our Formula 1 sites in Brackley and Brixworth. The ‘Home of British Motor Racing’, where the first Formula 1 world championships took place 69 years ago, is a very special track: teams and drivers love the smooth blend of curves on the track and the race draws huge crowds of spectators annually.

The recent news that the contract with Silverstone is to be extended has thus been met with positivity; Formula 1 will now be launched here until 2024. We seem to benefit from the track’s particular layout: some of our best seasonal performances this year were achieved on tracks with an extensive range of cornering speeds.

So it looks good for us on paper. Lately, however, we’ve experienced a host of reliability issues that could easily have lost us a significant number of points. We’ll therefore continue to be vigilant going forward.

Lewis also regards the British Grand Prix as a special race. He’s a local hero here and can expect to be greeted by excited spectators. He not only gives thanks for the support at autograph signings or meeting his fans, but also by performing on the track: in Silverstone, he’s won four times in the past five years.

The whole team is looking forward to the two home races and to seeing many familiar faces in the crowd. Another very special race will be happening after Silverstone: the Mercedes-Benz German Grand Prix is only 90 minutes away from Stuttgart. As main sponsor of the ‘Hockenheim race’, we will do our best to put on a fantastic show and make the Mercedes star shine brightly.

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Bradley Lord is Mercedes-AMG Motorsport Communications Director. At the age of four he joined his first Formula 1 race. Since then he's a big fan of motor sports in all it's facets.