Training for office management at Daimler: Anything but a boring office job

My name is Claudia Santos de Matos, and at the moment I’m doing a training program as an office manager at Daimler AG in Sindelfingen.

To be honest, I never had the feeling that office management would be my absolute dream job. Doing this training wasn’t my own idea either. My father, who also works at Daimler in Sindelfingen, advised me to find out about the training professions at Daimler, so I did. And I ultimately applied for one of them. Today I’m still very grateful to him, because now I would say that starting a training program here was absolutely the right decision.

Today I’m in my second year of the program, and I’ve already gotten to know seven different departments and units at Daimler in Sindelfingen. I’ve worked at the plant, in a branch office, and even in the secretariat, and I’ve also done administrative work. Yes, administrative work too, because if you think that office manager can only work in the secretariat, you’re absolutely wrong. We’re very flexible in terms of where we can work, and that’s why we’re in great demand.

Development workshop at the beginning of the training

I had one of my best experiences early on, during the second week of my training. It was our first development workshop. After many seminars and training sessions during the first week, we, the commercial trainees starting out in 2017, all traveled as a group to the town of Dobel in the Black Forest to spend five days there together. This workshop had been planned so that we could become better acquainted, because before this I had only gotten to know a third of my fellow trainees at most.

During these five days we of course continued to have seminars preparing us for our initial assignments, which would start at the end of the third week. In addition, we worked on many projects that enabled us to get to know one another better, especially through teamwork. The last evening, during which we sat together and played games, was absolutely super and unforgettable for all of us. And now I can say that I really like many of my fellow trainees, and that some of them are now among my best friends.

Was my daily work boring? Not as a office manager

When I tell people that I’m in a training program for office management, the reactions are always similar. They pretend to feel that this is cool, but if you look closely you can see they’re really thinking that it’s got to be a boring job. No problem for me — I once thought so too, but now I’ve learned that I was wrong! No two days here are the same.

Of course there are core activities you have to do regularly —you’ve got that in every job. But here you also get more interesting assignments, such as the task of organizing an event for an entire unit to which several hundred colleagues have been invited. That’s really a challenge, because the guests expect everything to run smoothly, and making sure that happens is not so easy.

In addition, you can be assigned to work in various units and departments even during your training. As a result, your days are never monotonous or boring.Because we are such a global company, we trainees even have the opportunity to work abroad! For example, two people in my trainee group spent a whole month at our plant in Kecskemét, Hungary, where they gathered unique and valuable experience.

Always diversified: VfB VIP-Lounge and Trainee-Video-Challenge

Our training program also includes many projects that we trainees can participate in, such as the annual Mercedes-Benz Junior Cup, in which the junior soccer teams VfB Stuttgart and FC Bayern participated in 2019.

Another great project was our Trainee Video Challenge. In this project, we made videos that showed the aspects that made our training at Daimler special. It didn’t matter exactly how we did that in the videos. There were no specific rules, so we could give our fantasy free rein. In our video, we made a point of showing how multifaceted and varied our training is and how much we like it.

We decided to present a kind of interview in which we simply say exactly why we like it so much and what makes the training programs here at Daimler so special. The videos were then uploaded on the Daimler intranet and all of our colleagues could vote for their favorite videos. The video of my trainee colleagues, the motor vehicle mechatronics technicians has made the first place: Take a look at it:

Almost 200 trainees from every plant in Germany participated in this Challenge, and the three best groups received a great prize. We (yes, my group was one of the three winners ;-)) were allowed to visit the VfB in the stadium and watch a home game live at the Mercedes-Benz Business Center. VfB Stuttgart was playing against FC Augsburg.

On Saturday, December 1, 2018, we arrived at the stadium in Stuttgart to watch the game. We wouldn’t be sitting just anywhere in the crowd — we had seats in the Mercedes-Benz VIP Lounge. It was a unique experience, and I’m sure that none of us will forget it anytime soon. We also know for sure that in the future we’ll face further challenges and opportunities to win great rewards.

I could tell you about more great experiences and the advantages of the training programs at Daimler, but why not see for yourself? You may well decide you’d like to have a future with us!

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Since September 2017, she has been a trainee for office management at the Sindelfingen plant. After many exciting practical assignments, she is expected to complete her training in July 2019 and subsequently be released for a qualification measure.