The Daimler Podcast HeadLights: Launch of the first season

A total of 143 million people in the USA and 11 million people in Germany regularly listen to podcasts. Unfortunately, there are no worldwide statistics about podcast use, but as a commuter and the daughter of a former long-distance trucker, I can assure you that a vehicle, whether it weighs one ton or 7.5 tons, is the ideal place for a listening session.

My team and I took this idea one step further, and we soon came to a conclusion: Ever since the launch of MBUX we’ve loved communicating with our products anyhow — so why don’t we start talking ABOUT our products? However, sometimes the first idea is not the best one. We quickly realized that it would be at least equally interesting to get the people who are responsible for these developments in front of a mic. Our colleagues from all over the world, whether they work in Sindelfingen or Tel Aviv, and whether they’re CEOs or trainees — on the Daimler HeadLights podcast, we’ve got them all.

In 2015 Bassel Aslambouli (r.) fled with his brother from Syria. For about two years he’s in a traineeship as an IT system electronics technician at Daimler. Here he talks with my colleage Sascha Pallenberg (l.)

The Daimler HeadLights podcast: Who, where, how, what?

The first podcast of our first season will be launched with a German episode on April 1, the first English episode will be published on April 8th. This means that in the future you’ll be able to find out during a bus ride how the price of beer is related to the overall economy. Or while you’re sweating on the treadmill at the gym, you can learn about the research on vehicle connectivity at our Tech Hub in Tel Aviv. Or you may be sitting in your car and hearing someone tell about the special tricks used by our restorers of vintage vehicles. Or you can go for a walk while listening to all the ways of the future of mobility that we at Daimler want to shape. Of course you can listen to the podcast just about anywhere, and in any way you want. You can find HeadLights on Spotify, Apple Podcasts/iTunes, and Google Podcasts.

The season kicks off with a strong woman and the S-Class

Our first guest is a young woman who is a master mechanic working on the S-Class production line. In the podcast she talks about her daily work, her career path, and her personal experiences at Daimler. Among other things, she tells how she came to be working on the S-Class and why she sometimes feels like “a chicken among roosters.” After all, she’s working together with almost 40 male colleagues. As you can see, our podcast guests are anything but ordinary!

Master mechanic Stefanie Noll leads us in her podcast interview through the production of the S-Class

Two languages, two show hosts

“Unusual” is probably the right motto for our first season. That describes not only our guests but also the choice of languages for the podcast. There will be a total of ten podcasts this season — alternating between five in German and five in English. The show hosts also couldn’t be more different from each other.

CEO Dieter Zetsche (l.) talks in HeadLights about his beginnings, his best and hardest times at Daimler and reveals what he did with all his old ties

Sascha Pallenberg will host five podcasts. He’s our Head of Digital Transformation at Daimler, an ardent fan of the Schalke soccer team, and the founder of the tech blog Mobile Geeks. And then there’s me — “Jessy from the Blog”, as I’m known to my colleagues. I’ll be hosting the other five podcasts, and I’m also the Editor in Chief and the person who bears overall responsibility for the Daimler Blog.

Sascha was born in the Ruhr region, and I’m a native of Swabia. He’s crazy about the latest innovations from the tech world, and I love French fries, yoga, and dancing. And our subjective feeling is that he’s twice as old as me. In other words, we couldn’t be more different — and we can also say that about our guests. But we believe this diversity is exactly the thing that makes for exciting podcasts. We look forward to receiving your feedback in the comments section. And now, put on your headphones and switch on your HeadLights!

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She is a member of the Daimler communications team since October 2017 and is responsible for the editing of the Daimler blog. She started working as a news editor and speaker for Radio7 in Ulm, but after seven years of early morning shift she finally wanted to sleep again. Therefore she started to work at BILD 2015, first as a Bundesliga reporter at VfB Stuttgart, then from 2016 as a sports and video editor in the federal Office in Berlin. The reason for her return to homeland is above her love for Kässpätzle and Swabian quality work.