Brazilian Carnival: Part of the brazilian soul

Brazilian Carnival is so important for us that right as you are reading this post, there are Brazilians still celebrating and even more people are already counting the days for next year’s event! The festival is so longed for because it allows everybody to actively take part in the Brazilian culture and to get exited by the music rhythms as samba and forró as well asthe colors and amazing costumes!

No matter where in the world Brazilians travel, they will always be questioned about Brazilian Carnival. Everybody wants to know more about the traditional Brazilian festival, which makes the whole country celebrate! In fact, celebration doesn’t pay enough credit to the significance of the festival. Carnival’s happiness is in the Brazilians’ heads, as soccer is on their feet. We present how carnival is celebrated in three different cities. Join this cultural trip!

São Paulo

It was 3:30pm on sunday, 3rd of march, at the Anhembi Sambodrome when the samba school Sociedade Rosas de Ouro entered the avenue with a group of ‘Mercedians’ enthusiastic about the Carnival singing the theme “Viva Hayastan”. Among them was Marcio Fernandes, Exterior Commerce and Customs manager. When we talk about samba schools, carnival is like soccer.

Each Brazilian has his favorite school and roots for it to become the great champion of this year’s dispute. In São Paulo, many collaborators root for Rosas de Ouro, which in previous years has even paid tribute to the truck drivers in the Parade. For Márcio, who led the wing Falcões da Roseira, this was the second time he paraded in the samba school, proving that there is much hard work behind what we watch on TV, for example the many rehearsals along the year.

At the parade, Márcio was accompanied by other Mercedes-Benz do Brazil’s partners and two colleagues from Stuttgart, Germany: and . They decided to enjoy the holiday to experience Carnival in Brazil! “This is a unique experience. When we entered the avenue, we just dove into the Brazilian Carnival magic. A sensation we will never forget! We left a challenge to you: what can we do to take our costumes home to Germany?”. Rosas de Ouro was one of the five finalists of São Paulo’s Carnival, and finished in third place. Tomorrow, the school will enter the avenue once more, this time in the champions’ parade!

Rio de Janeiro

Who imagines Rio de Janeiro has just Carnival at the Sambodrome is very wrong. Along all the holiday, thousands of people in costumes enjoy the Carnival in the streets in the most traditional way: following a ‘trio elétrico’ through the city streets. The Planning and Logistics trainee Mirla Rodrigues is a real Carioca and returns home each year to experience the carnival in a different way.

The small carnival groups, called “blocos”, getting more famous in Brazil every year and are the perfect choice for those who don’t leave the city during the holidays. In these groups, people interact with travelers from all over the world. The carnival groups are also a great chance to get to know the city in a different way, walking in places which you otherwise only know from inside a car.


For 41 years, the Galo da Madrugada has attracted thousands of people in the country’s Northeast region. This year, for the first time in the history of the world’s largest carnival group, Mercedes-Benz do Brasil was a sponsor, providing an Actros 2651 to move the first float ahead the revelers.

Recife’s Truck Sales senior manager, Marcelo Guanais, was there, together with Mercedes-Benz do Brasil’s president and Latin America CEO, Philipp Schiemer. In an unprecedented action, the company took customers from all around Brazil to experience the carnival of the Galo da Madrugada for the first time.

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Corporate and Internal Communication analyst at Mercedes-Benz do Brasil.