The new Mercedes-AMG GLE 53: An AMG for everything

It’s one of those moments. Which color brings out the design best, which wheel rims make the biggest impressions, which trim inserts best emphasize the AMG style? Everything has to be perfect. Because the first impressions count.

There’s no second chance. But every pearl of sweat — every fold of the brow — was worth it. Because this is the moment when pride wipes away the stress, and we have the great honor to present the GLE 53 (Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+: Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 9,3 l/100 km; CO₂-Emissionen kombiniert: 212 g/km*)— our GLE 53 — here and now on the Daimler-Blog, and soon to the international media representatives on stage at the Geneva International Motor Show.

We’ve been working up to the premiere of the GLE 53 for three years now. From the design, by way of fixing the drive architecture, performance data, and equipment variants all the way to the discussions on pricing. During the process, we have always represented customer opinion and sometimes challenged our colleagues in the process. The product creation process is correspondingly complex. The close cooperation with Marketing and Sales enables us to accompany the process as “the customers’ lawyers.” That’s how we create the best understanding of the product.

And the result is something special. Our chief designer Volker Hellwig and his team have done a fantastic job. Selenite Gray and the 22-inch forged wheels in crossed-spoke design look irresistible. The absolute attraction of the GLE 53 for me is the rear.

Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+: Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 9,3 l/100 km; CO₂-Emissionen kombiniert: 212 g/km.*

The sporty diffuser and the chrome-plated twin tailpipes really come into their own thanks to the trim strip that extends across the entire vehicle width. The GLE now looks even more self-confident and powerful on the road.

The GLE 53 is a real AMG

And then there’s still the front. When the GLE 53 comes toward you, self-confident and mighty, showing the radiator grille with its 15 chrome-plated vertical slats, it’ll knock anyone off their seat. Anyone. At the latest when it storms away with the fascinating sound of its switchable exhaust system. It still gives me gooseflesh every time, when I hear the engine accelerate in “Sport” — or even better, Sport+ — mode. That shows that it’s a real AMG. A genuine scion of Affalterbach.

It lives from the spirit of AMG, the working together. Our Affalterbach plant may be small, but that’s exactly why I love working here. It all happens on-site In fact, direct on the vehicle. There’s no time-consuming red tape. That’s the only way that can we go the extra mile in comparison with the predecessor — and not just in terms of performance and handling.

The all-rounder

And that without changing the brilliant basic concept. The 53 also has space for up to seven people and variability to cope with every conceivable purpose — regardless of whether you want to pack the surfboard, have to drive the big family to grandma or want to go offroad in the mountains with the dogs. It’s exactly this versatility — this all-round capability — that so attracted me to the GLE 53 from the first day of the project.

Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+: Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 9,3 l/100 km; CO₂-Emissionen kombiniert: 212 g/km.*

That the same car that just surfed around the curves with me in “Sport+” mode then suddenly — with just a touch on the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT button — drove delicately across the beach to the water’s edge in “Sand” mode made the biggest impression on me personally. As a fanatical surfer, just the thought of having helped to get such a versatile product on the road is a wonderful feeling.

I can pack my board, drive all the way across Europe direct to the perfect beach spot, and I even get to surf the curves on the way.

The choice of the wonderful, quiet running six-cylinder inline engine with 435 hp, the combination with the ISG for the extra portion of boost from a standstill — that makes the SUV into a real top athlete. And then there’s the suspension: with AMG ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL the customer gets a real technical marvel. Our chassis developers have rethought everything, from the ground up. The system incorporates electromechanical active roll stabilization and continual active damping adjustment ADS+ as the basis for even more agile handling.

Fast long hauls, dynamic curves, challenging terrain — suddenly I can have it all. I can do everything with my GLE 53. Although, I am going to have to restrain myself for a while — because this Selenite Gray GLE 53 first has to put in its big appearance at the Geneva International Motor Show, before it can go through its paces outside.

The preparation of the car for the Auto Show

Once again in the AMG Performance Studio we’ve meticulously prepared it for its debut under the spotlights. A few details weren’t included in the standard series vehicle from Tuscaloosa, so we had to fit them by hand — the optional AMG carbon trim insert, for example. Because everything has to be perfect when the media representatives from around the world put our new work under the microscope.

The GLE 53 will be well packed for its journey to Geneva, until I get to present it on the big stage on behalf of everyone participating. Of course, I’m extremely excited. But secretly I know that I don’t need to be, because first of all, we’ve known each other a while now, and secondly, the GLE 53 is an all-rounder — it can handle the world premiere blindfold. And I take its composure as an example…

*Die angegebenen Werte wurden nach dem vorgeschriebenen Messverfahren ermittelt. Es handelt sich um die „NEFZ-CO2-Werte“ i.S.v. Art. 2 Nr. 1 Durchführungsverordnung (EU) 2017/1153. Die Kraftstoffverbrauchswerte wurden auf Basis dieser Werte errechnet.

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Nadine Böttner was born in Kassel and studied business in Leipzig with a focus on marketing and product innovation. During her studies she worked in the product management of the M-Class as an intern, and later supported Product Communication and Launch Management at Mercedes-AMG in Affalterbach after graduation. After two years, she took over the product management of the Mercedes-AMG G-Class. She has been responsible for the product side of the Mercedes-AMG GLE and GLS model series since summer 2018. In addition to her exciting job in Affalterbach, the immigrant to Swabia loves her friend, the surfboard, good food, and an extended jogging round.