Joint Venture with BMW: Five reasons why we are even stronger together

Joint ventures between BMW Group and Daimler? From an outside perspective, that may seem a bit odd at first. But times are changing — and that’s actually a good thing!

A recent remark of the German Chancellor about global partnerships also applies to the mobility services offered by BMW and Daimler: We’re stronger together. That’s why we are now combining our respective mobility services, ranging from driving to parking, charging, and sharing.

Here are my top 5 arguments for supporting this move:

1.) We are strengthening sustainable mobility

Our cooperation will fundamentally improve the way people move around in an urban environment — the new player will pave the way for a world that travels via autonomous and electrified vehicle fleets. This will reduce emissions generated by road traffic and enhance our customers’ comfort.

2.) We offer an individual all-round service package

BMW and Daimler are experts when it comes to hardware and software for push-button mobility. Our shared services cover the entire value chain, ranging from automobile production to individual on demand mobility, and we are continuing to expand them. Looking at “smart cities” we’re also expanding options for individual mobility in cities, municipalities, and regions.

3.) We’ve got the financial strength that is needed

BMW and Daimler are investing a total of more than €1 billion in their five joint ventures. With this equity base, they are well covered from the very start. It’s a startup without the traditional challenges of startups. In addition, as financially strong companies, we are prepared to continue making massive investments in our joint mobility services. This market offers tremendous opportunities, and we are determined to leverage them. One day this could also lead us towards car sharing fleets that operate electrically and autonomously.


4.) We want to grow

As we launch our joint mobility services, we are combining the strengths and the know-how of 14 successful brands. Today we are already offering about 60 million customers a seamlessly networked mobility ecosystem. And this is just the beginning. That’s why we want to create up to 1,000 new jobs in our joint ventures in the years ahead.

5.) We are still competitors

Is the positive competition between Stuttgart and Munich now a thing of the past? Hell no, of course not. It was the competition between our two companies that propelled us to the top ranks of premium automakers. And competition will still be the factor that motivates us to deliver top performance in our core business in the future. After all, our motivation remains unchanged: Both of us are determined to build the best cars in the world.

Learn more in the video from our joint press conference in Berlin here:

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Dieter Zetsche is Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.