Blog posts are also available as podcasts

The following post will be of special interest to current or potential podcast fans.

Since December 2015 we’ve been cooperating with the startup narando to have our blog posts read aloud by “real” people. Our posts are now also available at iTunes, Spotify, and elsewhere. You could say we now have a “BlogCast” — a podcast of the blog post that you can listen to like an audiobook.

Why are we offering a Blog podcast channel?

Now that we’ve added audio content to the Daimler Blog, our followers can listen to the posts not only on the blog itself but also via the narando app when they’re on the move. In July 2017 we added the Alexa channel to the list.

In subsequent feedback, listeners told us it would be more convenient for them to listen to the posts by means of their “own” familiar podcast app. After narando recently started offering this option, we promptly set up our feed so that you can now subscribe to our posts via all of the widely used podcast apps.

How does this work?

The users of a iOS device already have a preinstalled “Apple Podcast” app — one of the most popular podcatchers. Since the summer of 2018 there has been a corresponding app for Android users: “Google Podcasts.” Alternatively, you can find other well-rated podcast apps at the Apple App Store and the Google Playstore. In these apps, use the search function to look for “Daimler Blog” and then select “Subscribe.” Done!

The music streaming services Spotify and Deezer have also discovered the spoken word and are listing our blog posts as podcasts that can be heard via the Spotify app for Android or iOS devices, for example. You can do that even without having a fee-based music subscription.

Blog post as podcast on Spotify

The practical thing about podcasts is that…

…if a follow-up is added to a podcast you’ve subscribed to (for example, if there’s a new post on the Daimler Blog), it can be automatically uploaded and/or you will receive a Push message. Both features are optional and can be set up individually in most podcast apps for each podcast for which you have a subscription.

Incidentally, on iOS devices you can control “Apple Podcast” perfectly via Siri as well. That’s a practical feature for drivers and an important aid for visually impaired people.

So, order your subscription now — and send us your feedback!

Uwe Knaus loves honest stories at least as much as he loves the Internet. Ever since the Daimler Blog was set up in October 2007, he’s been making sure that the posts in it are interesting and substantial. He tweets on all kinds of subjects and enjoys sharing interesting perspectives on Instagram.