2018 Russian Grand Prix: “The fight will continue in Russia”

We have to fight hard for every bit of performance in order to have a chance to fight for victories. This fight will continue in Russia.

We showed an excellent performance in Singapore and the victory was a fantastic reward for all the hard work that had gone into it. But it also reinforced another point: there are no easy wins this season.

The Sochi Autodrom features some interesting characteristics, particularly the long straight into Turn 2 which will make the race start very challenging. With the race being held in late September, we’re going back to weather conditions that will be similar to those of 2014 and 2015, when the Russian Grand Prix took place in early October. We don’t have any data from the current regulation cars in those conditions in Sochi, so this adds another challenge to the race.

We've enjoyed strong showings in Russia since the race joined the F1 calendar in 2014, but we know it will be a close battle this weekend.

We’ve enjoyed strong showings in Russia since the race joined the F1 calendar in 2014, but we know it will be a close battle this weekend.

Good track record in Russia

We have a good track record in Sochi but we know that Ferrari and Red Bull will give it everything to break our winning streak, so we must fight as hard as ever to make sure we bring home as many points as possible.

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