Daimler Pride Tour 2018. Everyone is different. And yet we’re all the same.

For four years now, Daimler has been participating in Christopher Street Day (CSD) parades with Diversity Trucks provided by its Trucks division. This year, two Actros 1851 LS models are being featured at the CSD parades in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, and Stuttgart.

An Actros with a diversity-themed trailer will also be presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover from September 19-27, 2018.

Diversity at Daimler

Daimler is participating in the CSD parades under the motto “We live diversity” and within the framework of the global Daimler Pride Tour. The Daimler Pride Tour demonstrates the Group’s commitment to a culture of respect and acceptance, regardless of a person’s age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or possible disability. The Pride Tour has already made stops in Austria, Mexico, the U.S., and Thailand.

I decided to accompany the tour to the CSD parade in Munich because I fully support Daimler’s global commitment to tolerance, acceptance, openness, and diversity in all of its dimensions. I found out for myself just how responsibly Daimler addresses the needs of its employees when I was experiencing health problems and also when I became involved in a generation management project, and I therefore feel very grateful to Daimler.

CSD in Munich: More than ten thousand people celebrate tolerance and diversity

Events like Christopher Street Day encourage discussion and thus make people more aware of the importance of diversity. This is important and actually the point of the parade, but even with all the seriousness and social motivation and relevance, everyone just wants to have a good time – and they do.

The four-hour parade in the center of Munich began at noon. The diversity trailer was able to accommodate around 80 employees, all of whom were wearing Daimler Diversity shirts and cool Diversity sunglasses. DJ Marc Pfisterer fired up the crowd and the Daimler team.

134 different formations with 16,000 participants marched through downtown Munich. The police later reported that more than 160,000 people attended the parade. Indeed, CSD, which was celebrated in Munich for the 37th time this year, has become way more than just an LGBTI event. Instead, it’s a celebration for everyone who believes in equality. Our truck was followed by trailers organized by the IG Metall trade union, the Bavarian state police, and parent groups.

It was really great to look out at the thousands of people in the crowds. It was also pretty impressive when everyone jumped up at once. The music at the parade was a dynamic mix of rock, pop, and techno with a booming base – and because we’re all tolerant, traditional German pop music was played as well. In other words, there was something for everyone, since everyone should be different – as long as we’re all the same when it comes to certain things.

We are diversity

I’ve been working at Daimler for more than 30 years; I’d always wanted to work for the company that invented the automobile. I must admit that I felt a surge of pride for our company while I was standing on the parade trailer in the summer sun and waving at the crowd, and also when I talked to colleagues who in younger years had a difficult time dealing with parents who couldn’t accept their sexual orientation.

We believe in diversity, and we also believe that it doesn’t matter whether you’re gay, lesbian, transgender, heterosexual, old, overweight, or overly thin. We don’t care what eye color you have, or whether you’re a soccer player, a vegan, or anything else for that matter.

At one point, Tobias, who works at Daimler, grabbed an LGBTI rainbow flag, jumped off the trailer, and ran to the front of the truck to lead the Daimler Pride Actros through Munich. I was so proud of the company that I grabbed a Daimler flag, jumped off the truck, and marched alongside Tobias through Munich. It was a fantastic and emotional moment for me.

Life is good. The Daimler Pride Trucks have since visited in Stuttgart and Berlin as well. The next stop is in Bremen on August 25th. My colleague Frank Weber attended the CSD in Bremen last year and wrote about his experiences. You can also read it here on the blog. Maybe you and your colleagues, friends, and family would like to see the trucks too. You’ll come home knowing a lot more about many things than you did before you left.

Claws E. Tohsche is a degreed engineer and journalist. At Daimler he is working as a press officer in the field of Product Communications Trucks & Buses Europe. In his free time he is involved in the work for the Technisches Hilfswerk Stuttgart and even drove aid convoys to Afghanistan and Syria.