Foundryman by profession, draftsman by conviction

Whenever I get a Chance – during my lunch break, in the train, outdoors in nature or at home on the Sofa – I pick up a pencil and start drawing. Every stroke of my pencil is just right, and every shading is carefully planned. For me, cars and drawing have something in common: I’m passionate about both of them.

That’s because Mercedes-Benz was my childhood dream, and I always expressed my childhood dream in my own drawings. When I was six years old, my father’s W123 was my favorite model.

Born to draw

I received professional support for my drawing from my aunt. She’s a fashion designer, and I was allowed to look over her shoulder while she sketched her new collections. She had her own point of view and regarded herself as a customer.

Because of her fashion sketches, I too started to draw – but instead of clothes I drew cars. I still remember her saying that I should copy my 3D images onto paper in my thoughts. After that, I used Lego components to transform many of my drawings into 3D models that were similar to Transformers.

From fashion to Mercedes

My aunt drew her inspiration from the world of Fashion – and I looked for inspiration in motorsports magazines. I took the cars depicted there as models for my drawings, and I started to draw in colors using special pencils made for architects and draftsmen.


In order to get closer to my childhood dream, I started to work at Daimler when I was 18. Unfortunately, instead of working as an auto designer I started working in the foundry. I had to make a decision: either to start an expensive course of study or to provide financial support for my family. I decided, more or less voluntarily, not to pursue drawing as a career. However, drawing is still, and will always remain, my great Passion:

Ideas arise in my brain, and I make them visible on paper or on my iPad. I started to draw on my iPad two years ago. It feels exactly the same as drawing on paper. Like my aunt, I see every line through the eyes of a customer. It takes between three and four hours to go from the initial idea to a very detailed drawing. More than 100 drawings have accumulated in each three to four-hour period.

A childhood dream

I’m especially fascinated by the drawings of Chief Designer Gorden Wagener at Mercedes-Benz, such as the S-Class and the AMG GT model, and I try to develop them further. My dream would be to spend a day with his team, making sketches and developing new designs. I know it would be difficult to make this dream become reality – but never say never.

Fatih Sahin works as a deputy system operator at the aluminum foundry in Mettingen. In his leisure time he makes drawings, especially of Mercedes models. He believes he inherited his talent for drawing from his aunt, who worked as a fashion designer. His biggest dream would be to spend the day working together with the design team at Mercedes.