10 years Daimler Blog: From the BILD newspaper to the Daimler Blog

In the course of my career, I’ve made a lot of lateral moves — from Ulm to Stuttgart and Berlin and back to Untertürkheim. I’ve worked in radio, then at Axel Springer, then at Daimler. That means I’ve gone from the BILD newspaper to the Daimler Blog.

The main thing I know about cars is that I’ve got one (but it IS a Mercedes). I haven’t studied engineering, as my best friend has, and I’ve never taken part in the CAReer program — but I do enjoy working on the Daimler Blog!

BILD — exciting, strenuous, wild

During the past three years I worked at BILD, initially in Stuttgart as a sports reporter covering the local soccer team, VfB. I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that I didn’t cover its relegation. Back in 2015, the trainer Huub Stevens, the team, and I just managed to prevent the relegation, thanks to a spectacular game (2:1 against the team from Paderborn!). But after I left at the end of that year, things went steadily downhill. What can I tell you? The VfB moved down into the second league, and I moved to Berlin to experience life in the big city. No more cozy Stuttgart — I was going to the nation’s capital!

Room with a view! To be honest that wasn’t my office but a look out of a big conference room at 16th. floor in the Springer-house. I think it has potential ;)

Like many Berliners, I adopted a two-pronged approach: I worked half-time at the sports desk, half-time doing video editing. That meant a lot of late shifts and weekend work. But in the midst of all that I had some really great jobs — for example, as a track reporter at the German Touring Car Masters, at the Olympic Games in Rio, hosting the EM half-time shows, reporting for BILD Daily, and doing several special shows (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBOfQKkrQe4). A job at BILD is exactly what people imagine: exciting, wild, fun, strenuous, and challenging. Why would anyone willingly give it up?

Particulate alerts instead of bicycle tours? That’s OK with me.

I wear my heart on my tongue — but my heart is still at home in southwestern Germany. Berlin is a wonderful city. There you can do, and have, everything imaginable at any time of day or night. But unfortunately, it’s simply located too far away from the most beautiful region in the world. I want to hear the Swabian dialect around me instead of Berlinese, and it drives me absolutely crazy to see that nobody in Berlin ever finishes a project with the love of detail, brains, and punctuality that a successful project requires (the stalled Berlin Brandenburg Airport project is a good example of that).

I have to admit that riding my bike to work through the Tiergarten Park and past the Brandenburger Tor was much more relaxing than creeping along in the daily bumper-to bumper traffic jams in Stuttgart. But there’s always something to complain about, wherever you are. And I’d rather be stuck in traffic in the region I love than waiting for the lights to change as I ride my bike in a city that’s far from home.

My new way to work…

From the big star to a lucky star

In spite of all my love for southwestern Germany, I clearly realized that if I gave up my job at BILD I’d have to switch to a job that made the switch worthwhile. What I need is a company I can identify with and work that stimulates me. My grandmother Lydia is the person who helped me find the company I needed. For years, the two of us have steadfastly opposed the rest of the family, who are Sebastian Vettel fans. According to Granny Lydia:

“I always thought Lewis Hamilton was better. When he was a little kid, he would ride around in his yellow helmet so that his father could spot him right away among the other children. I like him!”

That’s only one of Granny Lydia’s bits of wisdom. Maybe I’ll share a few more of them later on. So I’ve felt an emotional bond with Mercedes and Daimler for a long time. The professional bond began to form when I started thinking about the fact that the basic values of my employer should match my own. At Daimler, these values include reliability, expecting yourself to always deliver the best performance, working with a love of detail, and combining tradition with innovation.

As I’ve already mentioned, unfortunately I can’t build cars. And, to be completely honest, I can’t even use a hand drill properly. But I’ve been lucky, because Daimler, in its capacity as an employer and a company, now has almost as many communication channels as cars — and it had a job opening at the communication channel that I think is the most exciting one.

New, old home. Hello Untertürkheim!

I love blogging

In my opinion, blogging is the boldest category of corporate communications. Instead of highly polished marketing messages, when you read a blog post you get a glimpse of real people and real issues. Whether it’s a blog post about the company canteen, the latest AMG, Trainee Day, the blogger’s own Mercedes, short-time work, the daily commute, the list of basic acronyms and phrases at Daimler, or whatever else comes to mind — anyone can write about anything. You can write about things you encounter every day that thrill you, make you think, or make you mad. Whether you’re a trainee, a production worker, a controller, a chief engineer or a member of the Board of Management — on the Daimler Blog, every topic is equally important.

First contact with the Food Court

And for me, the editor who is responsible for coordination and content, this is a new and very exciting challenge. I want the Blog to become the platform that provides the deepest, most genuine, and most credible insights into Daimler. And in order for that to happen, I need you and your stories.

Prose instead of poetry

On the Blog, nobody has to write the way they did at school. Long, carefully constructed sentences that contain a lot of words but never get to the point — we don’t have those in the Blog. People can express themselves exactly the way they would when writing to a good friend on WhatsApp — but the posts will be a bit longer and won’t contain any emojis ;-)

Now that the Daimler Blog is turning ten, we can accompany it into its teenage years together. As we all know from our own experience, this is when things really get exciting. Together with you, our teenage Blog should try out new things, test its limits, be provocative and, above all, have fun! Whenever you’ve got something you can’t wait to communicate, something that excites you or interests you, or simply something you want to share, let me know!

Whether you want to write your post on your own or collaborate with me, we’ll make your ideas the topic of a Blog post — and we’ll show you how much fun blogging can be.

She is a member of the Daimler communications team since October 2017 and is responsible for the editing of the Daimler blog. She started working as a news editor and speaker for Radio7 in Ulm, but after seven years of early morning shift she finally wanted to sleep again. Therefore, she started to work at BILD 2015, first as a Bundesliga reporter at VfB Stuttgart, then from 2016 as a sports and video editor in the federal Office in Berlin. The reason for her return to homeland is above her love for Kässpätzle and Swabian quality work.