#mbglobalsketch – Sketch what you can!

Back in my schooldays, I felt that nothing was more fun than sketching. As a kid, I even sketched my car designs on the desks at school. My teachers weren’t too happy about that, but when I had an idea in my head, I simply had to put it on paper  — and that’s still how it is today.

I’m still enthusiastic not only about sketching by myself but also about the designs of other artists. Whatever the subject of a sketching might be, in my opinion a good design has, above all, to touch people’s emotions. I also share this love of drawing and sketching with countless other people, both inside and outside of our design department. I realize that again and again during my daily encounters with people.

Talent wants to be seen

This is the reason why we’re launching a new Creative Contest today: in order to give these talented artists, and everyone else who likes to sketch, an opportunity to present their designs to a wider public than only their own friends. The contest is running on Instagram under the hashtag #mbglobalsketch.

As some of you may know, in the past 12 months our Mercedes designers had the opportunity to submit their best sketches. Every month I awarded one of them the title of #mbsketchofthemonth.  You can find the best sketches on my Instagram channel and also in general under the hashtag #mbsketchofthemonth.  Incidentally, the first winning sketch was of a whale…

The first winning sketch of #mbsketchofthemonth.

Now EVERYONE can participate

#mbglobalsketch is even going one step further. Everyone, and I really mean EVERYONE, can now submit their sketchings — and once again, EVERYTHING is allowed. You can sketch cars, but you can also sketch fashion, products, people or artwork… No limits will be set on your creativity!

Simply upload your sketchings on Instagram under the hashtag #mbglobalsketch and link them to my channel @gorden.wagener. That will put your designs right on my desk, and I can select the most creative and unusual ones. I will present each month’s winner on my own channel. That way, as well as becoming the month’s winner you’ll gain additional publicity and attention for your art.

Inspiration on Instagram

But why on Instagram in particular? Because in my opinion Instagram, as an image medium, is the perfect platform for sharing creative work. For me as a designer, it’s important to keep my eyes and ears open to every kind of inspiration.

Incidentally, I will select the first #mbglobalsketch this year. I’m looking forward to seeing what you put on paper until then.



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Gorden Wagener believes in beauty and intelligence. He is the Chief Design Officer for Mercedes-Benz and all brands of Daimler AG.

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