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What’s Inside a Mercedes-Benz S-Class Seat?

When you get into a car, what do you notice first? The touchscreen display. The sound system. The lighting. Maybe even the sunroof.

I notice how fast the car goes – how it accelerates. I also notice how comfortable I am behind the wheel. As many of you I love to drive and I love a car that caters to my needs. That is exactly what Mercedes-Benz focuses on – your needs.

I do love cars but I’m not a car expert, and when I first traveled to Stuttgart, Germany, to tour Mercedes-Benz, I didn’t know what I’d see. Propably an assembly line and machines busy putting cars together.

I thought I’d see state-of-the-art technology and experts being experts. I was right and then some. What was so blatantly clear is how much focus, precision and planning goes into every detail of a Mercedes. There are literally thousands of parts going into every vehicle and there’s a human hand guiding each along the way.

When we met with the experts who design the most important part of a passenger’s comfort – the seat – I was blown away at their attention to detail. The seat is often overlooked as it’s not as sexy as horsepower or eye-popping as the touchscreen navigation system but it makes all the difference to every person in the car.

Listening to them talk about their thought process was just awesome. How they learn from the past and innovate for the future. From the custom leather to the stitch patterns to the extra layers of super-soft cotton lining the seat, it all equals something so nice.

Perhaps my favorite design in an S-Class seat is the hot stone massage. Mercedes pioneered this feature and left no stone unturned when it came to its functionality. Pun intended. :-)

A series of air pockets and heating grids line the seat back and allow you (not just the driver)  to sit in comfort. The heating grid is specifically designed to heat in seconds and lets you get in the car and go without thinking. There are so many other features included in these seats that the average consumer doesn’t think about like the dynamic side bolsters that “hug” you as you turn right or left.

Everyone thinks of heated seats, and rightfully so. It gets really cold where I live and I need my seats to get warm quick! But you haven’t lived until you try a seat that can get cold as well.

Before I cut into the S-Class seat, I was certain there was an air-conditioned unit cooling the seats because they can get cold so quickly. What I found are a series of fans located in the base of the seat that spin rapidly to cool your seat. I learned that the coldest air in the car is at the floor level so Mercedes is simply running that air upwards and putting it to good use.

I can go on about the amazing features in the S-Class seat but perhaps you’re best suited to watch our video dissecting each area of the seat to discover “What’s Inside?”.

No, this isn’t an ad for Mercedes. They didn’t pay me to write this. I just call it like I see it. I was so impressed with the way they run their business with precision and detail in making their vehicles as luxurious as possible. It is also great to partner with a company that gets communication in 2018, not many companies would open up their doors to let a YouTuber come in to cut open a luxury seat.

There’s a reason their cars make you feel like you never want to get out of them. It’s definitely the people who are working together and melding ideas to give their customers the best experience possible. Like most of you, I knew Mercedes-Benz was luxury but now I truly understand why.

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Dan and Lincoln Markham, father and son, are the creators of the “WHAT’S INSIDE?”-Youtube channel. Dan, the father, holds a degree in global business from Arizona State University and spent 12 years as a top sales rep in the Biotech industry. YouTube has become a fun way of life and most of his enjoyment comes from developing stories, editing videos and speaking to others to motivate them to follow their dreams and navigate digital media. His son Lincoln loves making videos with his dad and family. He enjoys traveling the world and opening up fun and interesting objects.