One day without cash

Life without cash can nearly anybody of us imagine. But what would we be without our credit cards? Lost – right? Actually there are many parts in our life where living without your purse isn’t a problem but quite easy and normal. Instead of your wallet you just need your smartphone. Sounds weird and complicated? I’ve tried it – and here are my experiences.

7:30 I get up and go out to eat a traditional Chinese breakfast in a streetfood booth, scan the code in front of the stall with Alipay. The payment is completed in only 5 seconds.

8:30 Just as the other days, city center is in the severe traffic jam, it’s hard to find an available taxi in this kind of chaos. So I manage to go to my office on time with the help of Didi Chuxing, after setting my tip to 10 yuan (about 1.3 Euro), I successfully find a ride-sharing taxi in 1 minute. After 20 minutes, I arrive at my destination and pay the bill through scanning the code with the app “WeChat” and the embedded app “Tenpay”. Maybe tomorrow I will try car2share.

11:30 After a whole morning of the stressful work, go to the convenience shop and eat the lunch is definitely a kind of relax for me. Of course Alipay and Tenpay can be used here, since all convenience shops support these two payment methods…

12:00 In my break at noon, I begin to consider, if I should book a cake as a surprise for my girlfriend. I open my Wechat app and visit there the official account of “21cake”, where you can order cakes. I finish the payment and then visit some other restaurant´s official accounts to receive several coupons, which might be useful this Weekend. On my way back to office I buy a bottle of cola with the new sound wave payment on a beverage machine through Alipay.

18:00 Sadly, it’s another common day for a business newbie in China: I have to work overtime for another 1 or 2 hours, so I order a take-out for dinner in “”. I receive my meals in 30 minutes after confirmation. My only hope now is that I can be off duty before 20:00.

19:00 Luckily, I get off my work at 7pm. I have heard there is hot discussion on social media about a Movie going on. I read the film review in “Douban” and decide after that, to watch it with my girlfriend. I inform her via WeChat and order two tickets and popcorn from “Maoyan”. The cinema is not far from my office. I can’t remember when I did some exercise last time since my graduation from school, therefore I rent a bike through “OFO” with my mobile phone. I pick up the bicycle outside off my office and drive to the cinema as fast as possible, just pretending that I’m still in a regular fitness program…

22:00 After the movie, we go back home. I surf the internet and try to order a good gift for my girlfriend’s upcoming birthday. At first I’m thinking to buy something creative and not that expensive, so I go to After wasting some time I switch, because I want to purchase a new mobile phone for her as a gift. Sadly I find the phone is a little bit too expensive for me, but I successfully complete the payment process with the help of “Ant Fortune” (an overdraft service provided by Alipay which is based on the Chinese SCHUFA).

23:00 After I check my profit on Yu’e Bao (a Money fund service provided by Alipay) and pay my bills for water and electricity with Alipay, I can finally go to bed and have some sleep. When I am in bed one thought pops up into my mind: How did my parents manage the whole family without e-payment and smart phones? And how did the Chinese teenagers work and live 5 years ago without all the technology?

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