A step closer to my dream car

10:39 pm… cool weather, the top rolled down, moon lighted street and the thrilling sound of an SLK 350 V8 engine roaring and echoing through the empty streets of Mexico City. Indeed, that could describe my last weekend, where I had the opportunity to seat on the driver seat of my dream car!

It all began when a good friend of mine asked me about the SLK (now we call it SLC) dream. At that time the only feeling I had about it was:

“One day I will have my own, and will drive it everywhere around”

What I didn’t know is that he had the idea to write about my experience of driving THE car. When he popped the question, all I could think was… “HELL YEAH!!!!, LET’S DO THIS”.

The scouting to find an SLK to drive, made me know lots of new and incredible people around the Mercedes-Benz world. I got to realize how big and important is the Mercedes-Benz Club in Mexico. How top of minded the brand I work for is. And how inspiring and aspirational a Mercedes-Benz can get, breaking through all imaginable barriers.

My point is… if you own a Mercedes-Benz… you rock!!!

Chance With An SLK

Through this journey, I had the chance to meet one of the most wonderful cars, an SLK 32 AMG – 2002. Which was unveiled on a monthly event of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars Club in Mexico City, with barely 50,000 kms driven. The incredible part of this was that the SLK was one out of the only two units sold on that year. And the restoration process kept it with it’s 100% original parts, which were brought down from Germany and USA. As you may be realizing now, this makes this SLK a UNIQUE car all over the world. And the best part of this, is that I got the chance to know it!!!

After all this event happened, I had the chance to meet Emmanuel Vega. He is the owner of the magnificent 2014 SLK 350 V8 which I started writing about.

No Better Emotion

He immediately bought the idea of driving the car around and brag about how striking, stunning, and superb the car is. showing off a little bit of the incredible views of Mexico City while having the time of our lives wandering around the city, in an roof opened convertible Mercedes-Benz car.

Believe me when I say, there is no better emotion while driving a car, than feeling the air running through your hair on a road at a speed above 100 kms/hr, listening the music of the V8 pistons doing their job, and having the sensation of being stuck to the ground while driving the empty streets of a moon-lightened Mexico City night….riding an SLK!!!!

This could only make me think of something… I WILL HAVE MY OWN. Sooner than later I will be driving my own brand new Mercedes-Benz Insured SLC. Enjoying the fruits of being part of a select group of teamsters… and of course, taking it to every single available spot around Mexico and beyond!!

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He works for Daimler Financial Services in Mexico City as an insurance supervisor and is a passionate guitar-player who dreams of a global Daimler-rockband with members from all divisions. He also dreams of driving his own brand new Mercedes-Benz Insured SLC.

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