Being part of the movie, being part of Daimler

I’m an extraordinary-normal person, someone who LOVES spending every single second of my life.

Of course, that may sound like something really easy to be said, but have you ever taken time to analyze what it really means? I’m talking about getting up early to start the day with one of your biggest satisfactions, exercise… yeah, jogging around the block, with some push-ups, sit-ups and a few series of abs, while brushing up your early breakfast, then take a nice and relaxing shower, in order to get on your brand new Mercedes-Benz, (which you’ve earned with every drop of sweat dripped through the years) and drive straight to your second satisfaction of the day, believe or not.. work!!

Totally nuts (about an SLC)

By now you’re probably thinking, “this guy is totally nuts”, but what happens when you put things into perspective? Yeah, I’m talking about being part of a company that makes your time and effort worth of the struggle, or the “extra-mile”, a company that gives back more than you put into it, that lets you dream about their products (mine is the SLC) and helps you work for them, that cares about their employees, which considers the importance of their individual talents and hobbies as the most important asset, who takes care of you and gives you the opportunity to know that they will have your back when needed!! The real question is… how did I get to feel all of this?

Going to the movie(s)

Let me tell you that this past December 2015, I was considered to be part of the Daimler Corporate Movie 2016, not only because I work for Daimler, what I feel is the best company in the world, but because the company had the firm idea that if their employees had some special talent different from work, they would be original, they could give a boost and a positive twist to their daily basis work, they could find bright in darkness, a light in the gloom when needed…, in the end, they would find “creativity at work”.

Being yourself in Berlin

Could you imagine how incredible you would  feel to be part of something like that? Let me try to explain my feelings…. AMAZING, ASTOUNDING, FLABBERGASTING!!! Picture yourself taking a flight from Mexico to gather with 11 other talents, (self-named “Daimler Stars”) in your first-time-ever to Berlin, and a whole bunch of very professional crew only interested on filming the 2016 Daimler Corporate Movie, and you are a part of it, an important part of it!!! The opportunity to share with others who felt the same like you, extraordinary- normal people who had a special talent, who were selected by that same extraordinary company, at the same point, moment and place that you, with one single target, “BEING YOURSELF”, because the company wants to write and record that down in its history books!

It´s about passion

Some of these Stars spoke different languages, some barely could express themselves in English, but we all had one of the greatest experiences of our lives. We got there as strangers, and left the place as a family! We shared something that very few had even thought of, we communicated with our souls, with our talents, with ourselves, no barriers, no countries, no religions… just us, and the most legitimate express of ART. Yeah, I believe that life is about enjoying every single detail that makes something ordinary EXTRAORDINARY, the way I express that passion is music, to me is the way to connect with the very original pure particle of existence, the world’s language, a direct door to anyone’s soul.

Imagine a company that aims to blend that passion with your daily work, can you even conceive it? What could you expect of their products, if the people in it are inspired, motivated and driven with all that power?

This is Daimler and that’s my story… what would be yours?

The whole Daimler Corporate Movie „Driven by creativity“ is available on YouTube.

He works for Daimler Financial Services in Mexico City as an insurance supervisor and is a passionate guitar-player who dreams of a global Daimler-rockband with members from all divisions.