Young Arab Leaders: „Workshops are anything but boring!“

Two days full of events may seem exhaustive for some people and if there are even workshops included is it also going to be boring? Not at all! For two days all of us had extreme fun and gain a lot of knowledge about different places with different customs.

Intercultural Exchange

But let me start with the 1st day, 18th of July 2012. It was an event called “Intercultural Exchange“. We had the chance to present our own beloved native countries to our supervisors as well as to some interested employees of Daimler. Further we had the chance to meet Mr. Bernd Staudinger (Head of Corporate Academy) again with whom we talked first about some key learning experience. Afterwards we began to present our home countries.

Seems normal right! Especially for us, as we thought that we have a good background about the other Arabian countries cultures. But surprisingly we discovered that we have no idea about a lot of customs. Each presentation was special in its own way. Tasting other places cultures was really fun and interesting. Some customs was shocking like the marriage in Morocco and that the husband has to present a lot of gold for his bride and the wedding ceremony should last for 3 days. The Palestinian cause was presented in interesting manner and the music as well that I found it myself really cool. Talking about the Egyptian revolution and interesting types of sports in United Arab Emirates was good as well.

After that we went to Esslingen. Visiting old churches and places was really good especially when you have excellent tour guide. That is why the tour was really interesting and we got a lot of new information about the town and the peoples believe at that time there and the most famous legends. Then we had some tasty food at a restaurant in Esslingen. After that we went back to Möhringen but it seemed like our day didn´t finish yet! We went to Schlossplatz to spend the night and we barely slept for 5 hours preparing ourselves for the next day.

Innovation workshop

This title was extremely fun for me and this specific event I was waiting for, as Innovation my major and what I want to do for the rest of my life. On 19th of July we gathered early at the morning heading to Daimler Innovation studio in Böblingen. The place was really cool. Everything about it was different even the chairs and decorations. We were divided to 3 groups and from this point the fun started. We created our character and started to create his own life, what he likes, how he dresses, his work, his personality, everything. Then we started to create his own time plan, work, problems and even provided solutions for these problems.

After lunch we started to do different tasks. We were asked to write our opinions about certain situations and what we would need in each one. Then more complicated questions were waiting for us to relate some words to our own memories or ideas. This part was interesting to great extent. And finally each team had to present his character to others and their ideas about how his life will look like on 2020. Some ideas were funny like parking the car horizontally by vibrating it. Others were imaginary like helicopters will be used as public transportations. But at the end we all had fun and enjoyed those two events.

This event is a part of the Daimler Internship Exchange Program Arabia. For more insights into our inception meeting click here.