Fish & Chips and German Cars

In August 2010 I completed an internship at Mercedes-Benz UK Ltd. The subsidiary of Daimler AG is responsible for the import, marketing and sales of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, commercial vehicles as well as the smart fortwo coupé and the Maybach luxury saloon. It also holds the UK distribution rights for Mitsubishi Fuso Canter trucks.

I worked in National Sales & Marketing which is part of the Customer Services Mercedes-Benz Cars department. They endorse retail network with face-to-face Field After Sales marketing support. Additionally, market and competitor analysis, pricing and positioning for parts and support services to develop and implement marketing concepts rate among their tasks and duties.

Friendly People and British Humor

Both at work and in my free time I noticed that English people are very friendly and like helping someone. I appreciated my colleagues’ patience in answering all my questions and finding interesting tasks for me to do. Moreover, their courtesy and politeness have made a big impression on me. English people use the first name in a conversation. In my opinion, it contributes to the sense of community and the conversation has a more personal note. I also got to know the British humour, which supported a pleasant atmosphere. The company’s baseline standard of dress is Business Casual. Denim in any form and casual T-shirts weren’t acceptable at work. During a retailer visit I learned that a sporting visual identity of a car is in high demand in Britain. However, Germans appreciate latest technical innovations.

Typical British: Left-hand Driving and Fish and Chips

Not only left-hand driving but also a lot of roundabouts, especially in Milton Keynes, caught my eye. In contrast to the excellent public transport in London, it is better to have a car in Milton Keynes. The roads are based on a wide grid of “horizontal” and “vertical” roads.

People from all over the world have immigrated to England and have left their traces there, e. g. regarding the English food habits. On Thursdays an Indian dish was always offered in the works canteen. Not forgetting the national dish fish and chips. This was served every Friday.

During the visits to London I got the impression that British people were proud of having a royal family and their history. On top of that, I had the opportunity to see the traditional colleges in Cambridge and Oxford, which are popular and famous all over the world.

German-British Communalities: Drinking Beer and Watching Soccer

In spite of some differences in the English and German cultures, they like to go out and drink beer in a pub. English people are excited about a lot of sports, especially football. In a sense even the football rivalry links the “Three Lions” and the German national football team.

In the end I want to thank everybody who was responsible for providing this great opportunity. Due to support by the Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Project by BiBB, KBA and MBUK, my internship was a rewarding experience. I enjoyed working with the staff and have learned a lot at Mercedes-Benz UK. I would recommend this internship to every apprentice of Daimler AG.

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