Global TechMasters – be part of it

Global_Techmasters_1I am a 28 old Indian female who is born and brought up in the beautiful city Durban South Africa. I am 1 of seven children and growing up with my siblings (6 girls and one boy) made life quite exciting. As a child I worked closely by my dads side. My dad thought me to change my 1st tyre at the age of 14 and shortly after, I was more involved in the maintance of his cars.

I have been working in the motor industry for almost five years and being a female in this male dominated environment I strive to be the best in my job profile.
At the welcoming ceremony that was held on the 16/11/2010 in Stuttgart, that’s when I first found out that I was going to be the only female participating at the Global TechMasters competition, I was scared but yet empowered enough to show that women can also achieve more in a male dominated environment.

This is the 1st time that MBSA as participated in the global TechMasters competition. Although not knowing exactly what to expect we have tried our best.
The one thing team SA had enough of was, spirit and motivation, and working with my fellow team mates (Clinton Scheck, Balan Azarath, Ahmed Mansoor and Stefan Jones) who also added value to the success of  this experience

The day of the competition was exciting, nerve recking and very emotional. The judges were friendly and accommodating which helped me charm down. The exams were explained in details so as to avoid any confusion. I was amazed that everything went like clockwork and there was never a dull moment, there was always something to do.
After the exams everyone let there hair down for a more relaxed after party.

The most amazing part was going to the museum and the plant and being able to see how the vehicles were manufactured. This truly was an experience of a lifetime.

The global TechMasters competition also enabled us to meet people from around the world in different aspects of life and to get to know them and how they operate.
It also gave us the opportunity to learn their method and standards of operating so that we could share best practices and achieve one goal of being the best in the motor industry. I take with me the experience and understanding of what to expect in the future TechMasters competition, I also encourage other women to take on the challenge and to succeed by proving that women all over the world can also be the best in what they do.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mercedes Benz South Africa for selecting me to participate in such a prestige global event. I would also like to thank my Dealer Management at Mercedes Benz Durban especially Samad Gaffur – Dealer Principal, Gerhard Further – Service Manager and Kenny Uzzell for assisting me in preparation for the competition. And last but not least my highly dedicated trainer and team coach Olivia Naidoo for adding that extra effort in getting our team ready for the global TechMasters

Thank you once again to MBSA and Daimler AG for this awesome opportunity.