There is always a chance for further knowledge

I already wrote about the first few weeks of my internship in the blog “Never be ashamed from asking about what you don’t know“.

By the end of my 6th week, things started getting more clear and serious regarding this internship. By that time I developed a higher understanding to the nature of this job, what I am supposed to do and what are the expectations. Considering this fact it was easy to find out that 3 months internship is not enough to achieve the best outcome from this experience. 90 Days internship is not the adequate time to really learn something tangible, at least in a project like MODEL CHECKING. I realized that I would need more time to be able to say at the end of this internship that I accomplished something measurable and I learnt something I can build on it in my studies after the internship.

Omar im Interview

Omar im Interview

The maximum possible duration for internships in Daimler AG is six months and I wanted to make the most out of this chance. I asked for an extension for my contract, and my request was accepted by my department. Apparently, in this company there is always a chance if you are looking for further knowledge, and there is always a place for those who want to learn more.

After the acceptance from the department, it took some time and some work to sort out every thing regarding the new contract, the work permit, the insurance and finally the visa. Normal bureaucratic procedures, time consuming and sometimes it’s boring but it was a significant experience trying to handle such issues alone, and getting near enough to other faces of this country.

Before coming here it wasn’t clear enough what could be obtained from this internship, or how easy it will be to adapt different system in such a massive company. The 3 months seemed to be enough time for an internship, but then I realized that they aren’t enough for me in this internship.

Now the goals are clear for me. This internship gave me the chance to work and learn in a new field of my studies and I want to continue in this field and build over it in the future, starting from the Bachelor Project through what comes after that. This was the main reason behind the extension of the internship. As long as there is a chance to learn more; enough should never be the answer.

Besides every thing regarding the technical aspects of this internship, and benefiting sometimes from the few German I learnt in the German course arranged by Daimler for the Arab interns it’s needed to say that being a resident in such a country for 6 months is an interesting experience, trying to observe, discover and maybe adapt some of the manners and traditions of the society. More time in this country means a better opportunity to know the country, more time to observe the different faces of Germany, and Stuttgart is only one spot from many others worth visiting cities in this beautiful alternative country.

Meanwhile, being a resident for 6months is a great chance to get to know more people; locals or international interns and students. Staying here, so far away from home in this multinational community is a big motive to make new friends, discovering some of the other cultures through meeting people from very different backgrounds.

After all this, I see no reason not to take the advantage of another 3 months of knowledge, experience, adventure and fun.

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