Maastricht – Traveling with the future

Daimler brands have their own tradition, long history and new prosperous future outlooks. It is a once in a life-time opportunity to be part of this group, to experience what it means to work for this multinational, globally respected corporation, and to experience the fascination of the Mercedes-Benz brand. At present I am part of Mercedes-Benz as an intern, and decided to share my story and experience working at Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center Maastricht.

Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center MaastrichtMy first encounter with Daimler and Mercedes-Benz took place during the international student convention – the 11th World Business Dialogue in Cologne at 2007 where I was selected as a student to represent my country, Latvia. Mercedes-Benz was one of the convention sponsors, and arriving at the event was one of the highlights of that day.

To my delight upon arrival I was chauffer-driven to the venue in a Mercedes-Benz with the inspirational logo, “Die Zukunft fährt mit” (traveling with the future)… I could not imagine how true this was and that Mercedes-Benz would be a part of my future. At the convention, I met Daimler representatives who spoke of the company with great enthusiasm and I became familiar with the fundamental corporate objectives, values and initiatives.

One year later I became an intern at Mercedes–Benz Customer Assistance Center Maastricht (CAC), in the role of Quality Assistant.

What motivated me to take an internship at Mercedes-Benz CAC?

die Zukunft fährt mitAs one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers with a fascinating combination of history and innovation, development and progress, I believed that Mercedes-Benz was a great opportunity for professional development for me as a business student. I was eager to learn and to understand how a large corporation functions and works towards business excellence, outstanding service, and continuous improvement. The position of quality assistant presented the perfect opportunity where to learn it. I was also keen to work with experts to support and mentor me in my professional development. After few months of my internship, I realized that I am quite lucky and that Mercedes-Benz CAC was the right choice.

More than that, working for Mercedes-Benz is an eye-opener. As an enthusiast and protagonist for environmental issues, it is fascinating to learn about the company’s efforts, technologies, innovations and initiatives towards a more sustainable mobility future. In my “Zukunft”, it would be a dream come true to be able to play a small role in the environmental challenges Mercedes-Benz faces. On my way towards the future, I am fueled by my education, experience and knowledge; my engine is my enthusiasm, particularly for the environmental side of business. I am eager to further contribute to Mercedes-Benz, to support its goals on the road towards sustainability.

As a Quality Assistant, I support the Quality Specialist with various tasks, especially regarding the company’s compliance with ISO 9001 standard, and internal audit planning, performing, and reporting. The different aspects of a job make it both interesting and challenging. Key factors for success are: the enthusiasm to learn, commitment to contribute creative solutions, new ideas, and sometimes to assume a critical view. Although I have great deal of autonomy for completing my tasks, my supervisor is very helpful and supports me in various assignments. My other colleagues are also very open, helpful and enthusiastic people ensuring a constant positive atmosphere in our team. In my opinion, The Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center Maastricht is a model environment of cooperation and collegiality. That makes the CAC a pleasant place to work, to learn and to contribute.

The company is a great place to develop – both personally and professionally. First of all, I get a clear picture of how a major corporation functions. At the same time, the international environment brings a unique opportunity to learn how to cooperate with people from diverse cultures and nationalities. One of the most appealing assets of the CAC, as mentioned before, is the corporate spirit that allows a combination of professional work with business and personal relationships, and working together towards the same goal while enjoying the ride.

Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center opens gates for learning, developing, connecting, and last but not least – making work enjoyable.